All Trainers/Owners must complete and submit a BEST Horse Shows Biosecurity Self Certification Form for all Horses entering the Prince George's Equestrian Center!        (Available on the "Series Forms" page under BEST Show Series Menu.)

Changes for 2022!


There have been many changes to the schedule and the rings for 2022. Ring 1 will now host the "Low Hunter, Equitation and Pleasure" classes, and Ring 2 will host the "High Hunter and Equitation" classes.


We have added a schooling area at the end of Ring 1 which is dedicated for Ring 1 schooling only. The existing "Hunter" schooling area will now be dedicated for Ring 2 schooling only.

Saturday Jumpers will now begin at 2'6" and continue through the 3'3" - 3'6" Jumper division, then we will reset and run the 18" Jumper through 2'3" Jumper divisions.

Make sure you are aware of these schedule changes, and be early checking in at your designated gates in order to help us avoid conflicts!

2022 Season Stalls are SOLD OUT!

See "Stall Reservation Page" for details on how to reserve stalls for individual shows!

The Comfort Inn Conference Center in Bowie, MD is the official hotel of BEST Horse Shows for 2022!
For reservations, please call
(301) 464-0089.