2022 Stall Reservations

Stalls will be sold out for the 2022 BEST Series!

As usual, we expect to be sold out of Season Stalls for the 2022 BEST Horse Show Series. If you are a trainer that had season stalls in 2021, you will have until Friday, January 14, 2022 to "reclaim" your season stalls for the 2022 BEST Season. To do so, you must submit your 2022 Block Stall Reservation Form, along with payments. All other trainers or individuals who would like to request 2022 season stalls must email or text Jamie with their request. You will then be placed on the 2022 Season Stall Waitlist. If we are able to get you season stalls, you will be notified, and will have a limited amount of time to submit your forms and payment. Our email address is besthorseshows@gmail.com, or text Jamie at 410-340-5793. If you would like to request stalls for only individual show weekends, please do so, and you will be placed on the stall waitlist for that weekend. Before each show, we buy back as many season stalls that won't be used for that show, to resell to those on the waitlist. We will hopefully be permitted to use tent stalls in case we are unable to buy back enough unused stalls.

for the 2022 Block Stall Reservation Form!
For people wishing to pay for their season stall via credit/debit card, you need to be listed on your trainer's "2022 Block Stall Reservation Form". Your trainer should write "credit card" in the "check #" space and provide a phone number where we can contact you for your credit card information. Unfortunately, we do not have on-line credit card processing available at this time.

for the 2022 Stabling and Emergency Contact Release Form.

All horses and ponies stabled at the Prince George's Equestrian Center are required to have one of these forms completed and filed with the horse show secretary.