2021 Colonial Classic Info

The BEST Horse Show Series was awarded the 2018 "Horse Show of the Year" by the Colonial Classic! 

A lot of riders/horses qualified for the 2021 Colonial Classic will not be attending. I have updated the list to reflect this, so there are many divisions that don't have 3 entries listed. The green highlighted horses and riders on the list have confirmed that they wish to attend. If you would like to volunteer to fill any of the available openings, please contact Jamie immediately, via email or text, so that he can add your name to the list!

The Colonial Classic Horse Show is a local champions' finals for local exhibitors. Launched in 2014, the Colonial Classic Horse Show is a resounding success, drawing more than 520 visitors from 30+ local horse show series from six Mid-Atlantic States.

The 2021 Colonial Classic Horse Show will be held at the Horse Park of New Jersey on August 27th, 28th & 29th, and will include Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation.


for the 2021 Colonial Classic Qualifiers List from BEST Horse Show Series!

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